I met Chris Colfer today!

He is honestly the sweetest person, I am beyond in love with him. When they got to our point in the line, they actually held the line for us so the little room wouldn’t be so cramped. My twin brother Shawn is autistic, and can get crowded and overwhelmed in small spaces. He loves Chris and Glee as much as I do. Music is what helps him communicate. 

My mom walked up to Chris first and introduced Shawn, she mentioned that he had autism and was a fan. Chris held out his hand and said “Hi Shawn, can I have a high five?” and smiled super big. He high fived him three times, because that’s also Shawn’s was to say hi. Then my mom introduced me, and told him we were actually twins. Chris got all excited like, “Oh, really?!” and I told him how I loved that he wrote about fraternal twins. We don’t get much love. Then he said he never knew why he always grew up liking twins. “Those damn Olsens!” 

Another fun fact about my brother: He looooves his soda but I call it pop. Chris had a glass of Diet Coke sitting on the table, and Shawn doesn’t understand that everything really doesn’t belong to him. He started to pick it up to drink it, and my mom and I both instantly went to stop him. Then his manager or assistant was like, “Oh hey, does he want a soda? We have some!” …….. YEAH?!!! He chugged it then tried to hand the can back to Chris. I just took it from him and drank the last drop. So yeah, we drank Chris Colfer’s Diet Coke. 

He asked my mom how to spell Shawn’s name, and actually wrote the book out to him. It was so sweet. My mom thanked him, and he said “No problem, I have a sister exactly like him, I understand.” … then the moment I’m eternally grateful for:

I finally got to tell Chris, “Yes, I know! When I heard about your sister I was so touched because I can relate. You’re amazing.” He smiled super big and genuinely again, and I gave him my post card that we found with The Book Loft on the front. Then I threw in: “Oh and I know you like Harry Potter, my birthday is the same day as his!” “Oh, the 31st? Happy Birthday!!!!” 

- Take a moment to comprehend that Chris Colfer knows when Harry Potter’s birthday is. Now continue. -

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